Cher and Tom Cruise created “yuck”


By “yuck,” I mean they did the dirty.

People says, “He was a shy boy. He didn’t have any money. One night we walked into this restaurant in New York and this girl came up, this waitress came up and she took our order and stuff like that and he said, ‘I knew that girl in school and she wouldn’t give me the time of day.’ “
Winfrey’s audience particularly appreciated Cher’s remembrance of the “long date” she spent with Cruise – “I lived in his apartment,” she tells Winfrey – which elicited cheers from the crowd.

I wonder if he kept her in a cocoon while she lived in his Cruisentology spaceship, only allowing her to breath through straws while watching him dance on a couch and tell her he loves her.

Stop the madness.

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