Hulk Hogan hangs out at Hooters after Nick’s sentencing.


In an attempt to out-class himself the other day, which is a big feat mind you considering the dude wore a bandana to his son’s court date, Hulk Hogan and his wrestling buddies hit up Hooters to drink the sorrows away; And of course, for the wings.

TMZ says, Hulk Hogan drowned his sorrows in chicken wings at a local Hooters restaurant in Tampa, Florida today. Sources tell TMZ that the wrestling star was accompanied by close friend and former WWF wrestler Brian Knobbs of the Nasty Boys, wrestling manager Jimmy Hart and other family friends. The group dined on wings, beer and salad. 

It amazes me that so many people have never tried the Hot Dog at Hooters. Every time I go, I have the Hot Dog. It’s awesome and blows away the wings.

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