Amy Winehouse is making friends with her fans.


If you call punching them lights out making friends, that is of course. Amy Winehouse apparently hasn’t seemed to learn that when cameras are around, she should settle down. Remember the smoking crack incident? Well this time she gets into an altercation with one of her fans.

BBC News says, “The ‘lashing out’ was when someone tried to grab her hair and she reacted,” the spokesman said. He added that “one person misbehaving” did not spoil the singer’s enjoyment of her performance.
But footage of the incident did not clearly show what provoked her lunge. The Grammy-winning singer was on fine form and in good voice for most of the set, going some way to dispelling fears about her health. She jumped down into the security pit for the last two songs, separated from the fans by a crush barrier.

Talk about biting the hand that feeds you!

Rob Lowe’s ex-nanny was a sl$%.


That’s if you believe everything you read on the internet. And I do. So I believe it. Plus, I have always found that chef’s are highly trustworthy. Look at Rachel Ray, wouldn’t you believe every word that came out of her mouth? Anyways, here’s the goods. Take them with a grain of salt (wow, that was really witty).

TMZ says, James Maclear says he worked for the Lowes as a chef from June to December 2005. In that time, he claims Jessica Gibson had an “overtly flirtatious manner.” He says within hours of meeting her she “changed into hot pants and was laying on the kitchen floor with her legs open in a very suggestive manner.”
He also says Gibson aggressively pursued him — on several occasions telling him “she was very horny” — even though he told her he had a girlfriend. He says once at a friend’s birthday party Gibson paraded around a pizza joint singing the Pussycat Dolls’ “Don’t cha wish your girlfriend was hot like me” directly to his girlfriend.

Here is some pictures of Rob Lowe in Hawaii.

gallery main 0630 rob lowe hawaii 00  gallery main 0630 rob lowe hawaii 01 gallery main 0630 rob lowe hawaii 02 gallery main 0630 rob lowe hawaii 03

Anne Hathaway’s escape not a moment too soon.


Raffaello Follier’s deceit involving the Vatican was more than sacreligious, to Italy’s Governing court system, it was fraud. Hathaway left Follier last week, and that wasn’t a moment too soon because as of today, the situation is much worse. Check it out.

AP says, Prosecutor Reed Michael Brodsky said Follieri, of Foggia, Italy, boasted of tight Vatican connections to entice investors to give millions of dollars so he could “live the lifestyle of a multimillionaire.” He said Follieri had duped one investor as recently as last month.
“In short, your honor, he is a con man, and he was able to defraud a lot of people out of a lot of money over a long period of time,” Brodsky told Magistrate Judge Henry B. Pitman. “The evidence in this case is overwhelming because he left a trail of evidence.”

The good news is that Anne Hathaway is now single. The bad news is that she will never hang out with me.

Katherine Heigl, leading the league in bikini wearing.


Yep, the summer bikini-thon is off to a big start in Hollywood, but no one is making her presence felt quite like Katherine Heigl. If this is how she reacts when she is upset at the Grey’s Anatomy writers, lets hope her relations stays as such. Here are some pictures of Katerine Heigl right before she takes some relaxation time in her pool in the Hollywood Hills. When you don’t have any good lines to memorize, might as well float around the pool!

More Katherine Heigl bikini pictures.

gallery main 0624 katherine heigl bikini3 00  gallery main 0624 katherine heigl bikini3 01 gallery main 0624 katherine heigl bikini3 02 gallery main 0624 katherine heigl bikini3 03 gallery main 0624 katherine heigl bikini3 07

The art of lame: Vince McMahon.

I love it when WWE videos make Youtube, because the comments dispell any possibilities that life on earth is meaningful. Amazingly, there are people on earth that still believe professional wrestling isn’t staged. And those people work along side you and me, on a daily basis. Many of them are probably Government workers.

Here’s the latest wonder of the world, watch as Vince McMahon almost dies from a stage collapse.


Britney Spears gets overnight visits with kids.


Some say this landmark decision is a sign that this custody battle may be getting near its end. Also, the fact that I used “landmark” as the adjective used to describe this court battle is in fact, awesome. It just shows how relevant the non-relevant can be. Go ahead, think about that for a few minutes.

OK! Magazine says, These talks would be very similar to the closed-door mediation sessions that took place during the former couple’s divorce — even more so now that Laura Wasser, Brit’s original attorney in her feud with Federline, has been brought back on the team. 

gallery main 0625 britney spears khakis 00  gallery main 0625 britney spears khakis 01 gallery main 0625 britney spears khakis 02 gallery main 0625 britney spears khakis 03

The Dark Knight, Heath Ledger’s last film.

Even though Heath Ledger may have passed away, his career is still just under a month out from ending. Batman’s The Dark Knight is set to hit movie theaters in a little under a month, on July 18th. Long time to wait, eh? Looks like Heath puts on another outstanding and memorable performance.

Check out the trailer.


Rod Stewart gets his milk the old fashioned way.


Bless his heart. Do you find him sexy? Apparently his wife, English model Penny Lancaster, really does find Rod Stewart sexy. And she is very, “motherly,” to say the least. To be honest, this picture almost looks like a couple lesbians on a booze cruise. But hey, congrats to Rod and his hair, she’s hot.

More Rod Stewart nipple sucking pictures.

gallery main 0624 rod stewart nipple 00  gallery main 0624 rod stewart nipple 01 gallery main 0624 rod stewart nipple 02 gallery main 0624 rod stewart nipple 03

Michelle Williams calls shenannigans on Ledger family.


With the Dark Knight set to debut in mid-July, the sound of money landing in bank accounts is getting louder. And Michelle Williams wants her and Heath’s daughter to see a little of that cash.

Page Six says, An insider said, “Michelle is furious with Heath’s family and threatening to boycott the premiere. Matilda is supposed to be the beneficiary of the will, but Michelle has seen nothing from them. Heath didn’t have much in cash, but there was a big house in LA and a back-end deal for ‘Dark Knight’ [that] could reap millions.” 

Note to Ledger family: Take care of the kid! How obvious is this move? Wow. Not good.

Amy Winehouse doesn’t have crack lungs?


That’s this mornings new spin. Apparently the Surgeon General isn’t going to be so happy, his number one soon-to-be poster girl for not smoking crack is now being a maverick and fighting the health system.

BBC Radio says, “Amy really hasn’t got emphysema, there’s traces of emphysema. Obviously, if she doesn’t quit smoking, it’s going to get worse, like everyone else … with patience her lungs will recover completely.” 

Patience? Ummm…yeah, long road ahead for this rock star.