DeAnna Pappas in a bikini. Wow.

I don’t really know what to say about this, except to say that DeAnna Pappas has one hell of an ass. Check out these bikini pictures of her and the douchebag in the lame swim trunks. That’s one round, voluptuous piece of ass right there.

Britney out for VMA show.

Networks might be crying, but audiences are raving, that Britney Spears will not be trainwrecking the MTV VMA’s this year. However, we do expect her at all the afterparties and sans panties. Which always makes for good fun.

“Contrary to media reports, Britney was never slated to perform on this year’s VMAs,” Larry Rudolph, Spears’ manager at Jive Records, said in a statement. “She’s in the middle of recording her next album, which is going amazingly well, and her focus remains on the studio.”

Ali Larter in bikini, with douchebag.

Why do all the hot ones have to ruin their hotness? Here is Ali Larter frolicking about the beach in a bikini. And making out with a douchebag. Take the good with the bad I suppose.

More Ali Carter bikini pictures.

Michael Lohan thinks he is Mike Tyson now.

Clearly Michael Lohan has an attention whore problem. He now wants to box Kevin Federline for charity. Give me a break, this guy just can’t stand not being the center of the world. I wish someone would just knock him out, hell, I would foot the charity bill in that case. Maybe he could have a bus run over him for charity? I am full of ideas.

Nicole Scherzinger. Bikini. Ibiza.

Happy Wednesday, sort of. The good news is that Nicole Scherzinger of The Pussycat Dolls is in a bikini. The bad news is that the guy that took the pictures needs to invest in a real camera and learn how to use the focus part. This guy sucks. But hey, it’s all I got. It’s better than nothing. Sort of.

Audrina Patridge has big canons, bikini pictures.

Audrina Patridge showed off her spectacular and sexy body at the pool over the weekend. She occasionally breaks out her canons as a warning shot for Heidi, reminding her of who actually runs The Hills. She is hotter, I mean, kinda obvious if you ask me.

Selma Blair in a bikini.

Here are some bikini shots of Selma Blair from her new show, Kath and Kim. I am not sure what the show is about, however, taking a gander, I would have to say it’s about a depressed broad that is fashionably challenged. Does that match? Yuck. And to think, someone picked that out for her! The fashion set coordinator must be blind. Damn that affirmative action stuff.

Kim Kardashian has some nice legs.

I know some of you want to call her fat, but I call her perfection. Yum. She even pulls off the short-shorts. Although to be honest, not sure if she will be all that good in her mid 30s, so as it stands, the time is right. When will Kim Kardashian put out her presidential video? All the same, happy friday and enjoy these Kim Kardashian short shorts pictures.

Liz Fuller takes a shower.

Here are some bikini pictures of British model and TV personality Liz Fuller. I don’t really know who she is, but everyone else is passing the pictures around, so I figured it best I join into the fray. I don’t really think much of her, but maybe you will. She could use a different hairstyle.

Madonna ande Guy Ritchie want more kiddies.

Only days out from the infamous, Madonna is banging A-Rod gossips, the two are now talking about adopting an African kid named Mercy. The name Mercy is derived from the irony that although she is coming from a poor nation, her circumstances may actually become worse.

The Sun says, The friend said Madge “fell in love” with Mercy when they met at her orphanage last year. However, the girl’s gran Lucy Chekechiwa, 60, said she has been asked repeatedly by officials if Mercy could be adopted by an “unidentified foreign family” — but was firmly against it.
Speaking from her village in Zomba District, Lucy said: “We know that it is Mercy who Madonna really wants. We heard it is because my granddaughter is such a beautiful, happy child. Twice I have told the adoption people that I do not want Mercy to go outside the country. But they keep on at us. Now they say that Mercy will be leaving us, but can return at age 18. Yet I might not be alive then.”