Jamie-Lynn Sigler and Jerry Ferrara, no longer just a plot-line.

If you keep up with HBO’s Entourage, then you are aware that Turtle, played by Jerry Ferrara, and Jamie-Lynn Sigler are hooking up. Well, apparently Jerry should be tipping out those Entourage writers because fake-love has carried over into real-love. The two have been seen making out and are reportedly doing more than that.

Sigler tells Page Six Magazine today: “[Ferrara] is a very special person, and I’ll leave it there . . . I’m not a good dater. It takes a lot for me to even want to kiss someone. I have to have a connection, and those are rare for me.” Well, lightning has struck. Last week, our spy caught the two of them at a party in the Hollywood Hills “kissing and making out all night.”

How long until Adrienne Grenier steals her? You go Turtle. This is what they call, Street Cred.

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