Alex Rodriquez shows off former family to paparazzi.

Just a day after taking heat that Alex Rodriguez was ditching his kids on Thanksgiving to hang out with Madonna, these fun-loving pictures surfaced countering any such claim. Of course, they appear as staged as Heidi Montags entire life. Nevertheless, apparently he left the family at 4pm and went over to Madonna’s place to meet her and Gwyneth, whom he is trying to homewreck also.

The third baseman hopped into his black Porsche around 4p.m. and sped off to Star Island – where Madonna has a home.
Sources say he is staying there while he’s in town, and witnesses saw his car parked there overnight.
Later, the kabbalah cronies celebrated at the estate of Jeff Soffer, the bachelor billionaire who reportedly has come between Gwyneth Paltrow and rocker hubby Chris Martin.
Feeding speculation that Paltrow and Martin are ready to split, Paltrow has been staying at Soffer’s Indian Creek Island mansion and spent Thanksgiving with him, sources said.
“Gwyneth has confided to friends she and Chris are taking a break,” a source claimed. “Jeff is crazy about her.”

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