Miranda Kerr is still single, People Magazine says.

The rumor that Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom are getting married is apparently one big elaborate hoax. Thank God for this, I was beginning to lose hope. Yes, hope for me, jerk….I get hot chicks also, although mostly on the Internet or in Second Life. I pull tons of chicks in Second Life. Ok, I should stop now. Anyways, check out what People Magazine had to say about this wonderful news!

A rep for Bloom’s girlfriend Miranda Kerr is knocking down a report in the Australian media Sunday that the Pirates of the Caribbean star and the model are engaged.
“The story … is completely false and misleading,” the rep says. “Miranda herself has clearly stated she is not engaged. There is nothing else to be said.”
But while they’re not making marriage plans at present, Bloom, 31, and Kerr, 25, are still very much a couple, and Kerry recently spoke about someday settling down with a special someone and having kids.

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