Tina Fey defends her Palin impression.

Tina Fey is speaking out about her Sarah Palin impressions. She saying her and the writers were not being mean-spirited, yet only using things that Palin herself said and did. Here is more of what Tina told Barbara Walters.

Voted one of Barbara Walters “10 Most Fascinating People of 2008,” Tina told Babs: “I never did feel that we were mean to her. We stuck to a lot of things that she herself had said, and I think there is a very strange double standard because it’s a woman portraying another woman. The jokes we used to do about George W. Bush were that he was an idiot. The jokes were aggressive. No one would ever stop and say, ‘Oh, that seems kind of mean.’ “

So anyways, I would really like to sleep with Tina Fey doing her Sarah Palin impression. I think this would be the ultimate love fest, beyond even that of making love at Hooters. Yes, I am serious, hard to believe I know, but totally true. One thing stands out to me though, if women are equal, why do they never pay the tab at Applebees when I take them out?

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