Vinnie Jones goes roadhouse on some kids at a pool hall.

Vinnie Jones apparently got offended when he was recognized as being from the movie, XMEN. I am not an XMEN fan, but lets be honest, its not as if he was recognized for being on the WWF. Lame.

Juan Barrera, 24, said his roommates were playing pool when Jones approached and asked to play. He said Jesse Bickett, 24, of Montrose told Jones he’d have to wait.
That’s when one of Barrera’s roommates asked Jones whether he was “that guy from X-Men.”
“He got offended by that, and he started pushing my other friends around. He said he’s been in so many other movies or whatever,” Barrera said.
Barrera went to the restroom, so he didn’t see what happened next.
Sioux Falls Police Sgt. Tim Hagen said people were pushing and shoving when Jones charged at Bickett, who hit the actor in the face with a beer glass.
“He got the worst end of that deal,” Hagen said, examining a police photograph of Jones’ face.
“His whole face was covered in blood,” Barrera said.
“I just walked out the restroom, didn’t say a word to him … and he struck me in the mouth.”
Barrera said he countered with one or two punches to Jones’ face, then knocked him to the floor before Wiley’s staff escorted Barrera outside.

Of course, Vinnie has also been convicted of air rage going batshit on a plane. Go figure, this guy seems to be a walking assault case in the making.

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