Marisa Tomei to play stripper, and I have some pictures to back it up!

Marisa Tomei is playing a stripper in her new movie, The Wrestler. I really wish she’d have played one in My Cousin Vinny also, particularly when she got off the stand. That was hot. Anyways, stripping, like everything, doesn’t just come naturally to women, they need practice (just ask my ex). So where else does a girl turn to learn the classic art of stripping other than Bret Michaels, of course!

She said: “I had a friend who is a yoga teacher and she does a lot of pole dancing so I asked her to teach me. I went to a lot of clubs and watched to see the different styles of dancing.
“I would practice in a dance room with a bar and a mirror, like a ballet studio. I watched Rock of Love, that reality show with Bret Michaels, where he’s trying to get a wife and they’re all strippers. That was my closest association to the actual world of it.”

And with that, I think I am going to be sick. I now have a vision of Bret’s hair slinging around…you know he does that.

More Marisa Tomei stripping pictures.

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