Hugh Hefner gives his opinion on a nude Jennifer Aniston.

Hugh Hefner checked out Jennifer Aniston’s recent nude cover shoot for GQ magazine, and he approves.

When shown Jennifer Aniston’s nearly naked January GQ cover, Hefner, 82, remarks, “This looks like the cover of Playboy. I’m much impressed by Jennifer.
“Is it just me, or is Jennifer Aniston getting hotter?” he says of the 39-year-old actress. “Never seen her in this light before.”

Mansion invite for Jennifer in her near future? I’d say so. I actually do agree with Hugh, even though he is old as sin. This must make Jennifer so happy that I bet she already posted it on Angelina Jolie’s Facebook page. How long until Jen is officially hotter than Angelina? Or are we already at that point?

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