Victoria Prince gets to know K-Feds rugrats…

Victoria Prince, the girl that is too hot for Kevin Federline but dating him regardless because she is having problems paying rent, is now pretending to like Sean Preston and Jayden James. She is seen in a variety of pictures on her maternal media blitz carrying the kids around, holding them, and playing with them. Britney Spears must be so thrilled. No seriously, she must be thrilled to not have to take care of those kids all the time. At least Britney is working on her abs with the downtime. Check out more pictures of Victoria Prince.

Joaquin Phoenix wants to be a rapper.

You know a few weeks back when I reported about Joaquin Phoenix being nuts at Lavo in Vegas, by rapping? Well, apparently Joaquin felt that was sane. Look at me, I’m the nutcase now!!! Check out what MTV News has to say.

“The transition from one career to another is never seamless. It should come as no surprise to anyone that Joaquin came from a musical family, in addition to winning a Golden Globe for his portrayal of Johnny Cash,” Patricola wrote in an e-mail. “He intends on exploring his musical interests despite speculative, negative or positive reactions.”

So he is the next Vanilla Ice? Joaquin, please go back to making movies. Gladiator ruled. We miss you. Please come back to sanity.


Lady GaGa looking a little beat up after partying.

I’ve had a little bit too much, much,
All the people start to rush, start to rush by,
How does he twist a dance? Can’t find a drink, oh man,
Where are my keys I lost my phone, phone.

Looks like Lady GaGa lived up to her own song lyrics last night in London. Wow, she looks a little beat up after leaving Club Bungalow nightclub in London’s party district. I hope she didn’t find her keys. She holds her liquor worse than Paris Hilton, her new BFF. But hey, if you are into drunk chicks with nice bodies, then I suggest you click on the rest of the Lady GaGa pictures.

Lindsay Lohan’s dad still hatorade over Sam Ronson

Linday Lohan’s dad doesn’t like Samantha Ronson, and now he is asking for your help in breaking them up. Check out his blog.

Like I said in the past, “if I see or hear of anyone or anything causing harm or is seen as a threat to my children,” I will speak about it, and do anything I can to try to intervene regardless of the repercussions on me.
With that said, after seeing promise and thanking God for Lindsay’s freedom from SaMANtha’s bondage, I see now, that since SaMANtha has once again, weaseled her way back into Lindsay”s life, things have taken a dark turn.
While I was enthused that Ali was with Lindsay, rather than SaMANtha, I am torn to see that SaMANtha has once again manipulated Lindsay into leaving her little sister in LA, only to join SaMANtha on another DJ gig in Boston.
Was this again, a means for SaMANtha to earn more money through Lindsay”s presence? Did SaMANtha’s fee drop so much and so quickly when word got out that they parted ways? Are we so blind? Is Lindsay so blind? I know Dina and my kids aren’t because they tell me so. But then again, why does Dina tell me one thing and do another?!
When a mother or father sees their child in turmoil (losing weight, not working, and purportedly cutting herself) are we supposed to stand by , remain silent and pretend it isn’t happening? Or are we suppose to step to the plate and not care what people think, and do something about it?
Well, as you can see, I’m not going to sit back and let it slide.
I am asking everyone out their to intervene in every way possible to help Lindsay, and quite possibly, save her life. Help this wonderful, good hearted and gifted young lady to see what SaMANtha is doing to her and how she is destroying her life.
Help her to see that ever since SaMANtha came into her life, nothing good has come of it. As a matter of fact, Lindsay hasn’t used her gifts like she did before meeting SaMANtha. Just LOOK! The proof is there! These aren’t just words, but FACTS! PLEASE HELP!

I on the other hand am reaching out to all of my readers to help Michael out by finding a way to shut off his Internet Connection, because this is just brutal. And maybe sign him up for a writing class.

Russell Crowe finally trying to lose weight.

Either that or he has become Syndey, Australia’s most famous bike messenger. Which I don’t think is the case, I can’t see Russell having much patient for bad drivers. It appears to me that he is trying to shed all the pounds he gained the movie, Body of Lies. I don’t get it. If I were famous and older, I’d just be content being fat. That’d be how I would role. You would still get chicks because even though you are fat, you are fat and Russell Crowe. Think about that for a few minutes.

Ashton Kutcher doesn’t like his neighbors.

And he wants you to know it. He also has some very classy terms for the neighbor guy that is apparently doing something with the roof. He’s “pounding.” Ashton is really tough in this video. He also needs a better camera to use for future toughness.

Alessandra Ambrosio is still hanging out in St. Barts.

Alessandra Ambrosio is still hanging out in St. Barts, wearing a bikini, which is pure awesomeness. As reported here last week, Alessandra is in St. Barts to shoot for Victorias Secret. I was offered the job of misting her buttocks during the shoot, but I had some things going on and was unable to make it down. Unfortunately, I just can’t get out of this appointment I have sitting on my couch all day and watching The Real Housewives of Orange County, or else I would TOTALLY be there. Anyways, enough about me, check out more of these Alessandra Ambrosio bikini pictures.

Kim Kardashian defends Jessica Simpson

Kim Kardashian is sticking her head into the Jessica Simpson chili cook off debacle. Of course, Kim Kardashian can hold her pounds, unlike Jessica.

“I actually love the outfit. I think she looks amazing. I love high-waisted jeans, I loved that belt, and her hair looked fabulous.”
Adds Kardashian, who’s attending the Super Bowl this weekend with football player beau Reggie Bush of the New Orleans Saints, “I get that she does look curvier, but to me, there’s nothing wrong it.”
No stranger herself to barbs about her own curvy physique, Kardashian says, “It doesn’t really bother me anymore. I love curves. Being super skinny just isn’t attractive to me. When I saw that picture, I knew everyone was going to say something. And I thought, ‘You know what? Leave Jessica alone!’ She’s fabulous, she’s a really sweet girl, and I admire her for putting up with it.”

Two things stick out for me in this deal: 1) Kim is lying when she says she loves those granny pants that Jessica wore during her slaughter of 18 bowls of chili.  2) Kim Kardashian looks hotter than ever.

More Kim Kardashian pictures below.

Britney Spears has some nice abs.

From the Hollywood fat to the Hollywood flat. Britney’s back, beotch! Here is a picture of Britney in a bikini top, and wow oh wow, what a stomach she has now! This is the old Britney! Maybe Jessica Simpson should call Britney and get on this plan, think? My lord, she looks like she is in fighting shape! Britney, not Jessica….well, maybe Jessica is in fighting shape. She could certainly roll over on a man and smother him!