Katy Perry and Lily Allen are Facebook enemies.

I can’t believe I am writing this, mostly because I can’t fathom that its true. But apparently it is. So, Katy Perry called Lily Allen fat. Lily Allen has retaliated with threats to post Katy Perry’s cell phone number on her Facebook. Here is more from The Sun.

Writing on her Facebook page, Lily said: “I have Katy Perry’s number, someone did me a favour. I’m just waiting for her to open her mouth one more time then it hits Facebook.”
Lily also joined two groups on the networking site. One is called “I hate Katy Perry and her dumb-ass song I Kissed A Girl”. The other is “Katy Perry? Who in the hell does she think she is?”

Whatever happened to a good ole’ fashioned mud wrestling fight…in a cage? My how times have changed. Facebook fights just aren’t sexy. I need mud and possibly hot oils, and a cage. And women referees in tight shirts. Like real women would take care of business.

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