Julian McMahon still in Australia, goes Euro with trunks.

Julian McMahon and girltoy Kelly Paniagua are still parading the beaches of Australia, only this time, McMahon tucked his package into some tight Euro style speedos. I guess crossing borders gives our citizens a new set of rights? All the same, Kelly is smoking hot, even if she does dress him funny. Julian may wear some small shorts, but his head is absolutely enormous! Are you kidding, look at that thing! Eh, who am I? I am being a hater. Look at how hot she is, I wish I had a big head. I just don’t get how Kelly doesn’t always get creeped out by him. I would always be thinking of those eerie plotlines from Nip Tuck. But that’s just me. Check out the pictures below, there is a great butt shot of Kelly.

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