Lil Kim is ticked off at new Biggy movie.

Female rapper Lil Kim doesn’t like the way the new Biggy Smalls movie portrays her. Apparently and according to Kim, hooking up with a famous rapper is nothing short of a classy experience. More from the AP.

“The film studio and producers involved were more concerned about painting me as a ‘character’ to create a more interesting story line instead of a person with talent, self-respect and who was able to achieve her own career success through hard work.
“Even though my relationship with Big was at times very difficult and complicated (as with most relationships we have all experienced at one time or another), it was also genuine and built on great admiration and love for each other. Regardless of the many lies in the movie and false portrayal of me to help carry a story line through, I will still continue to carry his legacy through my hard work and music.”

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