Johnny Knoxville carries grenades on planes.

Johnny Knoxville is, well, proving his jackass status. At least as of yesterday. Knoxville attempted to board a plane in Los Angeles with a hand grenade. Yep folks, you heard me right, a hand grenade. Here is more from the AP.

After security screeners spotted the grenade in the “Jackass” star’s carry-on luggage, a bomb squad determined it lacked a firing pin or explosive. Police say Knoxville was later released and allowed to board an American Airlines flight to Miami.
Knoxville, whose real name is Philip John Clapp, told officers the grenade was a prop he forgot to remove from his bag, Airport spokeswoman Nancy Castles said.

Well, sleep well at night now knowing it lacked the firing pin. Or, you could take it as “he messed up that part of the stunt.” You know, the new stunt he had planned where he blew a whole in a 747 while it was in mid-air. Boy, I bet the staff member that messed up the firing pin is, himself, fired.

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