Joanna Pacitti, American Idol scam?

Of course, American Idol follows a strict code of ethics. Just kidding. Anyways, it seems that favored contestant, Joanna Pacitti, is favored for a reason. The reason? She’s got some pretty important friends, like, the executives that produce American Idol. And she’s not exactly new to the game.

Star reports that Joanna Pacitti is no newcomer to the business, having released a major label album in 2006, starred in a MTV documentary, opened for Sheryl Crow and having her songs featured in movies and TV shows, including The Hills. But that’s nothing compared to her connection to two executives at the L.A. offices of 19 Entertainment — the company that produces Idol.
Michelle Young and Roger Widynowski have very personal connections to the Joanna, who has referred to Michelle as her “manager” and “best friend,” and credited Roger with “helping me get where I am today.” Plus, the three of them even lived in the same L.A. apartment complex for several years.

Seems the can of worms is now open on Joanna, how long will Idol endure this PR nightmare until they rid themselves of the problem? I think Joanna may well be on a short timeline. But that’s just me. Hey, she’s good, she will go on to great things now just due to the publicity.

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