Michael Phelps and Subway are all good.

Only days following Michael Phelps and Tony the Tiger’s big breakup over his bong hit session, Subway said they will not go the same route as Kellogs and they will keep him. Guess we now know where all the 420 kids will go for munchies, and its not to get a box of Frosted Flakes.

“Like most Americans, and like Michael Phelps himself, we were disappointed in his behavior,” Subway said in a statement. “Also like most Americans, we accept his apology. Moving forward, he remains in our plans.”
Political campaigns and corporate marketers often wait until Friday night to release bad news. But in this case, Subway waited till the end of the week to support the Olympic swimmer.

When will this fallout ever end? I guess Michael needs to wait another four years to regain some of his sponsors back.

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