Khloe Kardashian and Chris Brown? Say it ain’t so…

Khloe Kardashian was reportedly out partying it up in Miami South Beach with Chris Brown this weekend. Although, she denies it on her blog. Of course.

Hey guys. So I woke up this morning to a ridiculous amount of missed calls and news EVERYWHERE that I had been spotted out and about in Miami with Chris Brown. The funny part about this alleged “news” is that I’ve never even met Chris Brown!
It’s so silly how rumors get started. Just wanted to clear that up — I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

Well that clears it up. Khloe, sorry I called you so early this morning, but I just had to know. Also, sorry for calling you last night at 3am, I swear, I was just curious about this whole Chris Brown story….any indication from my 13 voicemails that lead you to believe I wanted anything else is totally unfounded.


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