Britney Spears…sneak peek at Candies ads.

Britney Spears new Candies ads for Kohls have leaked. Hey, she looks pretty hot. I am confident that some photoshopping has gone on, but who cares? Not me. I like the newly shaped Britney better than the gas station touring one. Good looking atcha babe.

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony pose with babies.

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony have apparently been trying to adopt a baby, because that’s apparently the trendy thing to do. I mean, at least that’s what I have been told. To be honest, I don’t care about these two. All the same, here are some pictures of them posing with babies to entice adoption people to take them. Yes, I said adoption people. No, I have no idea what the proper term is and nor do I care. Oh yeah, Jen is still hot.

Jennifer Aniston isn’t making any new friends.

Jennifer Aniston is reportedly having a tough time making friends on the set of her new movie, The Baster. Go figure. OK! Magazine had this to say…

“In the morning, the cast and crew had to wait to start filming without Jen because she asked for extra time to finishing blow-drying her hair,” reveals one source.
And when the lunch bell rang, not only did Jen not deign to eat her Cobb salad in the company of her new co-workers, she actually had herself driven to her trailer so she could eat alone!
“Jen refused to walk even a step outside the restaurant during the break for lunch,” says an insider. “She had her car pull up right next to the restaurant so she could be driven less than a block to her trailer to avoid photographers.”

I guess this goes a long way in explaining why Jen can’t hold down a man. I know, low blow, whatever…..

Megan Fox get her hair did.

Its Wed, so of course, we all could use a little Megan Fox in our lives. Here are some pictures of her leaving the hair salon. My lord, check out these pictures and that tiny waist. Girl has a rocking body. Go check out all the pictures. You will thank me later.