Kendra Wilkinson and Holly Madison do Wet Republic

Holly Madison and Kendra Wilkinson reunited at the MGM Grand for Wet Republic. Also seen in the pictures is Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver, Hank Basket, making out with Kendra. Both girls still look hot in their post-Hef-days, which is to be expected seeing they are both still super young. Had I known that becoming a wide receiver for an NFL team would pull you chicks like this, I’d have worked out a couple more times a week in High School and maybe even taken PE seriously. Oh well, the past is the past folks, nothing we can do. Check out more Kendra Wilkinson and Holly Madison bikini pictures.

Nadya Suleman now to be cast in reality show.

Nadya Suleman, otherwise known as Octomom, is now going to have her own reality show. I mean, why the hell not? Everyone else has one. The media reports on her everyday as it is anyways, so this will not be much of a jump. Her boobs are big. Yeah, I just threw that in there in case you missed the picture I posted and went straight for the article. She already has a book deal. Ok, done with this….

Lady GaGa in a new video.

Here is Lady GaGa in some Youtube video about the Paparrazzi. Um, its slow to start but if you are a fan, you might as well watch it. What else do you have to do today anyways?

Sarah Palin’s daughter’s love dad now a model.

Levi Johnston, the dude that knocked up Bristol Palin while her mother was trying to win the biggest election of our lifetime, posed for some shirtless shots for GQ magazine. And luck you, I have them for you. For your clicking pleasure. Why is he still relevant? One has to ask….more Levi Johnston pictures below.

Shauna Sand. Bikini. Pretty simple entry.

Here is Shauna Sand laying out in a bikini. In case you don’t know, Shauna Sand is married to Lorenzo Lamos (or used to be, I don’t keep up). She’s freaky skinny if you ask me, but the ass shot I have below is pretty solid. She has a couple of redeeming pictures, but her face is kinda scary to me and her legs are wafer thin. God I feel mean this morning, its not intentional, I just don’t really enjoy Sundays because tomorrow is Monday. More Shauna Sand pictures below.

Phoebe Price in a bikini.

Phoebe Price took her d-list body to the red carpet event in Cannes. She isn’t in any of the films, of course, so she threw on a bikini and lets some papz take pictures. Hey, she has her nitch, I suppose. Once her looks begin to fade, look for her to start staring in other types of movies to boost her career, if you catch me drift….More Phoebe Price bikini pictures below.

Charlotte Gainsbourg, french actress, nude.

French actress, Charlotte Gainsbourg, changed into a bikini in while on a beach in St. Barts. She just recently won Best Actress in Cannes and now you can see her pretty much fully nude. I have a ton of pictures posted below of her bottomless and topless. I wish American girls were as cool as French girls about nudity.  She’s pretty damn hot if you ask me. Great body, great attitude. I may start writing her letters. Lots of letters. Lots of pictures of Charlotte Gainsbourg nude below, but be careful, they ain’t work friendly….

Teri Hatcher, still very bangable.

Teri Hatcher frolicked in the waters off the shores of Miami, and my oh my, she sure still has a nice body. How freaking old is she anyways? Here’s lookin’ out for ya girl! More Teri Hatcher pictures below for your clickin’ needs.

Keanu Reeves has canadian kids, or so some canadian says.

Keanu Reeves is being accused by Canadian, Karen Sala, of being fertile. The actual thought of Keanu reproducing in this world has my day started out on a depressing note. The Toronto Star has this to say.

With her children, aged 20 to 25, in post-secondary schools, Sala said she could use financial support to help them complete their education.
Sala said her children would like to know the truth about who their father is and she is launching the suit to seek “closure.”
“They grew up with the ex’s family always saying they weren’t his, so they had to contend with that,” she said.
In addition to the DNA test, Sala is seeking child support of $150,000 per month, retroactive to June 1988, as well as $3 million per month in spousal support retroactive to November 2006. Sala is the first to admit that she’s no angel, claiming that she and Reeves had a sexual relationship before and during her stormy marriage. She also acknowledged she is not sure which, if any, of her children he has sired.
But Sala insisted that Reeves was aware that he might be the father of some or all of her children, noting that at least one of them bears a resemblance to him.