Robert Schimmel arrested this morning.

What do Robert Schimmel and Chris Brown have in common? Ok, I won’t try that, but I figured since Robert Schimmel is a comedian, I’d lead with a joke, but then I remembered, I’m not really funny. So….Robert Schimmel was arrested this morning for hitting his wife during an argument. Schimmel was divorced 3 times by the same woman until he decided to hook up with his daughters best friend, and then marry her. She’s like half his age.More from TMZ.

Cops got a call to come to Schimmel’s Calabasas home at around 12:30 AM. They observed physical marks on his wife. Law enforcement tells us there was an argument that allegedly turned violent.

Here’s a little not to Mr. Schimmel. When you upgrade your wife situation to one that is basically in college (or whatever), you try to hang on to them, not beat down on them. Kinda lame bro. Anyways, no picture fo the wife have surfaced yet, but when they do, you can bet your sweet bottom (hey, work safe here!) that I will have them.

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