Shanna Moakler quits over Prejean disaster.

Shanna Moakler apparently decided that after Trump said Carrie Prejean could keep her crown, she just didn’t believe in Miss Universe anymore. Are you kidding? Can we come up with a more shallow story this morning? Wait, don’t answer that. Just for a laugh, go read how serious Moakler is taking all of this. This is from Us.

‘Since the press conference yesterday, I had a chance to think about what has taken place, and I feel that at this time it is in my best interest to resign from the Miss California USA organization,’ Moakler tells Us.

‘I cannot with a clear conscious move forward supporting and promoting the Miss Universe Organization when I no longer believe in it, or the contracts I signed committing myself as a youth,’ she continues. ‘I want to be a role model for young woman with high hopes of pageantry, but now feel it more important to be a role model for my children. I am sorry and hope I have not let any young supporters down but wish them the best of luck in fulfilling their dreams.’ “

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