MTV Movie Awards are in the books.

The MTV Movie awards went down last night and of course, a flurry of stars showed up. Twilight beat out The Dark Knight for the best movie of the year (gag me, please). Eminem had a great performance but then this weird situation with Borat coming down from the raptors went down and Eminem left, angrily. Oh yeah, Amy Polar won the Best WTF Award, which seemed to be the most serious one of the night, if you ask me. Lots of hot and sexy pictures from The MTV Movie Awards below.

Scary Spice does Vegas in a bikini.

Scary Spice, otherwise known as Melanie Brown, was out at Tao Beach in Las Vegas this weekend, signing autographs. I am going to go out on a limb here and suggest that Melanie has an ab roller. Call me crazy, but I seriously thing she does. I really want to know who would want her autograph though? That’s just plain strange. All the same, more Scary Spice bikini pictures if that’s your thing….

This is what Jon Gosselin cheated on.

And there you have it, a Kate Gosselin in a bikini. This is what (and maybe why) Jon Gosselin cheated on. The couple is currently working together in therapy, of course, it goes without saying that show is filming. How perfect, even when you have marital issues you make more money. That’s awesome. Where do I sign up? More Kate Gosselin bikini and sand bucket pictures below.

Megan Fox in GQ magazine.

Here is some Megan Fox bikini pictures from her GQ shoot. There are only a few, but by my estimations, that’s better than only none. See, the glass is half full. And seeing its Megan Fox in a bikini, its half full of awesome. That’s how much I love Megan Fox in a bikini. Rock on, my friends.