Joe Jackson gets nuttin’…

Joe Jackson, Custody, Michael Jackson

Judge says no custody for Joe Jackson. Odd, I really look at him and think, ‘this guy would be the perfect father.’ Hmmm….Here is more from Showbiz 411.

When the custody deal for Michael Jackson’s kids is filed tomorrow in Los Angeles Family Court, it will spell the end of Joseph Jackson living at the family’s home.
Part of the deal made by Debbie Rowe, the mother of the two eldest children, is that Joseph is gone for good from the Hayvenhurst Avenue, Encino, compound that he bought in the 1970s.
Rowe–as noted before–will allow Katherine Jackson to be the official guardian of the children for the time being. It was Rowe who suggested that a psychologist be involved in her meetings with the kids, Prince–whom she calls Michael–and Paris, while she gets to know them.
As for Joe Jackson, Rowe’s lawyers made his absence from the children a non-negotiable part of the custody arrangement. There will be no more talk of Joe the manager trotting out his grandkids as “the Jackson Three” or anything else like that.

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