Coco Austin’s Butt Crack Offends MySpace

Coco Austin Butt Picture

MySpace is on its way to losing millions of members after Coco Austin confirmed yesterday that the mega social network deleted a photo of the famous blonde because it showed part of her buttocks. Austin posted on her twitter account:

“Why did myspace take this pic down. Are they offended by ass-crack? Its female curvature!”

The picture indeed shows lots of butt but it’s such a nice big round butt that the MySpace’s moderators should be ashamed of themselves!

Speaking of her twitter, Coco also wrote about losing her jewelry box with all of her and her husband’s bling, and offering a nice reward for it. Poor girl, this is definitely not her week! She should lock herself in her bedroom and not go out until the next moon phase. I’m sure she can find lots of ways to entertain herself like locked in there with Ice.

Anne Hathaway Naked

Anne Hathaway Nude Photos
The upcoming movie Love and Other Drugs, that is set to be released in the next few weeks in movie theatres everywhere, has Anne Hathaway naked. That’s right, this movie gives us what we never expected to see in our lives, and a viewer that attended the premiere in Pasadena, California has confirmed the rumors. This viewer wrote on IMDB:

“Anne Hathaway meanwhile burns up the screen, and not just because she’s naked half the time. Even when she’s dressed you simply can’t take your eyes off her.”

Apparently Anne Hathaway has a steaming love scene with Jake Gyllenhaal, and she ends up showing her butt, tits and even her private parts not one but several times. No matter what this flick is about, it’s definitely a movie you won’t want to miss!

Myleene Klass Bikini Shots

Myleene Klass Bikini Photos

Here is a great set of bikini photos of Myleene Klass that will surely warm you up this cold winter day. Sadly, chances are you don’t know who Myleene Klass is, and I have to admit that I had to wiki her name to find out what she owes her celebrity status to. It so happens that she’s some sort of media personality in England, where she’s pretty well known, mostly for her song Moving On. In other parts of the world she’s becoming rapidly popular for her bikini-wearing skills.

Myleene Klass was this past week in Barbados, where she was posing for some promotional photos for high street chain Marks and Spencer (in a swimsuit, of course). But those pictures are not as exciting as these candid ones shot by some hotel co-guests while Myleene was frolicking in the warm Caribbean waters. As you can see, her bikini bottoms kept trying to malfunction. It’s a shame they were not completely successful!

Fergie’s Ass is Entertaining

Fergie's Ass Photos

Fergie was never one to show much skin in the first place but after she got married she’s been even worse; not a nipple slip, an upskirt shot and even a see thru shirt. Thank goodness her career forces her to dress sexily sometimes and this week was one of those happy occasions.

During their concert at NY’s Madison Square Garden yesterday, The Black Eyed Peas’ hot singer wore a series of outfits that were literally from out of this world, among them one that showed her sweet booty while squeezing her big boobs at the same time. The outfit, that was made of leather and featured space-like crystals around the waist area, was quite weird to say the least, but it included no pants at all. It allowed for Fergie’s back-end to be on display clad in just tight leather undies and black fishnet. Sweet!

Payback Time for Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson Candid Photos

Jessica Simpson is about to spill the beans on all things John Mayer at no other than the Oprah Show. The voluptuous blonde singer has agreed to speak of her tumultuous relationship with Mayer plus to board the theme of her sudden weight gain last year. So far, it seems she won’t be speaking about her breakup from Tony Romo. In Touch Weekly tells us:

An insider close to Oprah Winfrey tells Life & Style that Jessica will tell all very soon on Oprah’s couch in a revealing interview pegged to Jess’ new VH1 show, The Price of Beauty, which premieres on March 15. John may have shared all his dirty details about Jess with the world, but will the pop singer use her chance to do the same? “Knowing Oprah, I’m sure she’ll ask Jessica her thoughts about John or her response to him,” said the insider.

Elizabeth Hurley Shows her Boobs

Elizabeth Hurley Nipple Slip
England’s most beautiful actress and model ever, Elizabeth Hurley, proved last night that she still “has it” despite being already 44 years old. Liz showed up at the Love Ball, an event hosted by the Naked Heart Foundation, dressed in a completely transparent ensemble that let everybody get a good look at her erect nipples. Being the middle of February in London, it was obviously cold, so her nips were quite “pokey” all night long.

Nobody knows what prompted this otherwise proper beauty to show so much skin. May be with a name like “love ball” and being offered by a foundation named the “naked heart”, Elizabeth Hurley thought this was going to be a swingers party or at least a nude dance, therefore the unexpected tit show. Who knows! No matter what her reasons, we’re very grateful for Elizabeth Hurley’s blatant boob show and hope she keeps going down this alley!

Lindsay Lohan Gives Good Cleavage

Lindsay Lohan Boob Photos

Tired of her very hectic life in Los Angeles, Lindsay Lohan may be moving to London very soon. Upon returning to the United States following a visit to England in occasion of the London Fashion Week and the Brit Awards, the star of Mean Girls posted on her Tweeter account:

“Moving to the UK is in my near future.”

Still, she has romantic interests back in the States, and admitted to Britain’s The Sun newspaper that she’s still in love with Samantha Ronson and hopes to get back with her

“We love each other. We might reconcile the relationship, maybe.”

She added that her and Sam live in the same apartment building in LA and are still in touch, even though the DJ’s family doesn’t approve of Lohan and the continuous exposure she is subjected to.

Jennifer Lopez Gets Dumped

Jennifer Lopez got the boot this week from no other than her record label, Sony Music Group. Although the causes are still unclear, rumor has it that Sony Music Group got fed up with her attitude, which together with her song Louboutins bombing, gave them enough reason to get rid of J-Lo. Other sources claim the real motive was that Lopez currently lacks a solid follower base since no specific age group identifies itself with her.

The singer/actress hasn’t uttered a word about this, but her manager said this morning:

“Jennifer had a wonderful relationship with the Sony Music group, and they have shared many successes together, but the time was right to make a change that best serves the direction her career as an actress and recording artist. She is grateful and appreciative to everyone Sony for all that they accomplished together.”

Kim Kardashian’s Vanilla Cupcakes

Kim Kardashian Tight Dress Photos
Kim Kardashian now has her very own cupcake mix. After making a few million dollars selling her diet pills, it’s a paradox that she’s now trying to sell us something to make us fat, but who knows, may be she’s trying to target that small percentage of the population that needs to gain some weight. But really, who cares what Kimmy is selling us? The important thing here is that she’s showing her big cupcakes in these photos. Wait, make that “her big poundcakes”.

The dark haired socialite showed up at the Famous Cupcakes building in Beverly Hills this past Friday accompanied by her mom, and the two posed for the paparazzi before going inside for the official unveiling of “The Kim Kardashian Vanilla Cupcake”. Kim Kardashian has some of the best boobs in Hollywood nowadays and she was proud to show them wrapped in a gray and black dress at the launching of her vanilla powder for the Famous Cupcakes brand. Lucky for us, her dress was extremely fitted and showed every curve of her body. Unlucky for her, she couldn’t eat cupcakes or her dress would’ve un-stitched itself.

Jennifer Love Hewitt’s 80′s Party

Jennifer Love Hewitt birthday party
Jennifer Love Hewitt turned 31 years old this past weekend and to celebrate the occasion, she threw a really cool party with an 80’s theme (probably to remind her of her childhood years). According to partygoers, the soiree was a tremendous success, with tons of hot celebrities dressed in very unique clothes. As you can see in these photos, Jennifer Love Hewitt was one of them!

To make sure everybody knew about her party, birthday girl Jennifer stepped outside of her house in a posh neighborhood in California, and posed for the paparazzi dressed in a very weird outfit that was a mixture of a ballerina skirt, aerobics instructor shoes and shirt, and 42nd street hooker fishnets. Nevertheless, she looked very cute. After all, it’s nearly impossible for Jennifer Love Hewitt not to look cute, no matter what she wears!