Cheryl Cole in Short Shorts

Cheryl Cole candid photos
Cheryl Cole is in California working on her next disc, where she’s also enjoying the warmer weather. She was spotted this week dressed in these cut off shorts and loose top that at some point let us see her red lace bra. She should take some pointers from other well-known Los Angeles celebrities and ditch the bra. If nothing else, it’ll make for increased press coverage. We’ll certainly feature her lots more!

But her short shorts and almost side-boob incident are not the biggest news regarding Cheryl Cole at this point. The fact that she left her womanizer husband Ashley Cole back in England and is alone in Los Angeles, without her wedding ring, is. According to a reputable British newspaper, Cheryl Cole is in the process of dumping her husband after he cheated on her for the second time with voluptuous blonde secretary. Good for Cheryl!

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