Elizabeth Hurley Shows her Boobs

Elizabeth Hurley Nipple Slip
England’s most beautiful actress and model ever, Elizabeth Hurley, proved last night that she still “has it” despite being already 44 years old. Liz showed up at the Love Ball, an event hosted by the Naked Heart Foundation, dressed in a completely transparent ensemble that let everybody get a good look at her erect nipples. Being the middle of February in London, it was obviously cold, so her nips were quite “pokey” all night long.

Nobody knows what prompted this otherwise proper beauty to show so much skin. May be with a name like “love ball” and being offered by a foundation named the “naked heart”, Elizabeth Hurley thought this was going to be a swingers party or at least a nude dance, therefore the unexpected tit show. Who knows! No matter what her reasons, we’re very grateful for Elizabeth Hurley’s blatant boob show and hope she keeps going down this alley!

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