Anne Hathaway Naked

Anne Hathaway Nude Photos
The upcoming movie Love and Other Drugs, that is set to be released in the next few weeks in movie theatres everywhere, has Anne Hathaway naked. That’s right, this movie gives us what we never expected to see in our lives, and a viewer that attended the premiere in Pasadena, California has confirmed the rumors. This viewer wrote on IMDB:

“Anne Hathaway meanwhile burns up the screen, and not just because she’s naked half the time. Even when she’s dressed you simply can’t take your eyes off her.”

Apparently Anne Hathaway has a steaming love scene with Jake Gyllenhaal, and she ends up showing her butt, tits and even her private parts not one but several times. No matter what this flick is about, it’s definitely a movie you won’t want to miss!

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