Aussie Supermodel Sues over Nude Photo

Lara Bingle Nude Photos

Lara Bingle, one of Australia’s sexiest and most popular supermodels, is in the process of suing her ex-boyfriend, she announced this morning. The reason? The ex-boyfriend, who’s no other than Brendan Fevola, an Australian football player with the Brisbane Lions, has made public without her consent, a photo of Lara Bingle nude in the shower. The controversial image was snapped by Fevola four years ago while the two were involved in a secret affair.

I don’t know what the big deal is, since there’s tons of photos of Lara Bingle nude floating around, but apparently she’s pretty upset about this particular photo. May be it shows her crotch from a different angle or something… who knows, but the truth be told, this gal is always suing someone, so you better watch out.

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