Brittany Murphy Drug Problem?

brittany murphy cause of death

An authopsy revealed this week that Brittany Murphy did not die from an illegal drug overdose. As a result, her widower Simon Monjack said:

I know Brittany would want to feel the vindication. She never took a drug or a drink and that’s been shown.

But several sources have come forward and disclosed that the actress was actually addicted to prescription drugs. TMZ reported today that “between 2003-2009, Brittany had scores of prescriptions filled for 32 different drugs … and that was at just one L.A. pharmacy — and it’s not Eddie’s Pharmacy, the one that cut her off 4 months before her death because the owner feared an accident loomed. ”

Apparently, despite Murphy’s widower’s remark, the actress did have a drug “affinity”, and among the prescriptions she used to take were two sedatives (chlordiazepoxide and promethazine) and a drug similar to Prozac named Sarafem.

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