Cameron Diaz Shows Lots of Leg

Cameron Diaz is in the middle of filming her latest movie, Bad Teacher, opposite Justin Timberlake. In it, she plays a very naughty teacher who dresses as a total slut to attract potential customers to a high school car wash. Dressed in short shorts and a plaid shirt paired by the highest espadrilles ever, Cameron gave the paparazzi plenty to shoot today, while she did some seriously sexy “acting”.

The Cuban-born actress just turned 37 years old, but her body looks as good as when she started in the industry, back in the days of The Mask. Despite this, Timberlake seems to be paying zero attention to Diaz, and there are no rumors of the two rekindling their past romance. What’s more, Justin Timberlake’s girlfriend Jessica Biel said in a recent interview that she is not concerned about the two working together.

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