Kathy Perry Gets a Butt-Fondling

kathy perry ass and cleavage

Kathy Perry was a complete sensation at the Nickelodeon’s Kids Awards 2010, where she showed up in a completely inappropriate dress that showed lots and lots of her very abundant cleavage. But that’s no news, since Kathy has made a religion out of pushing her boobs up while stuffing them inside very tight tops. The actual news was that right before stepping onto the red carpet, Kathy supposedly had a costume malfunction and she had to ask one of her assistants to literally “handle her butt”. As you can see in these photos, he went right for it! (No idea what that guy is reaching for back there, but he seems to be going deeeeep!)

No worries, fellas, for the most part the lucky guys that get to tug on celebrities’ asses are not really interested in that specific gender. It’s kind of part of the job description.

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