Lady Gaga Doesn’t Need Sex

lady gaga in panties

Lady Gaga is featured this week in New York Magazine, in a three-page article where she opened up about her sexuality. In it, the blonde singer admits that she doesn’t need a guy to bring herself to an orgasm, saying:

I remember the first time that I drank out of an imaginary coffee cup. That’s the very first thing they teach you. I can feel the rain, too, when it’s not raining. I don’t know if this is too much, but I can actually mentally give myself an orgasm. You know, sense memory is quite powerful.

Let’s pray to the powers that be that she doesn’t write a book about it, just like Jennifer Love Hewitt did about decorating her vagina. If she does, the world’s population will be automatically cut in half and birth control companies would go out of business  (plus life will be very boring)!

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