The Mindy McCready Sex Tape

mindy mccready

Who is Mindy McCready, you ask? A hot ass blonde country singer who is following in the footsteps of Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian and who just had a sex tape “leaked”. Chances are my readers will now head over to google or Wikipedia and do a search for Mindy McCready. That means that her getting drilled on tape did exactly what she wanted: get her known.

The Mindy McCready sex tape is being distributed by Vivid Entertainment, the same company that marketed Kim Kardashian’s sex tape a few years back. If nothing else, that should make Mindy feel like she’s playing in the major leagues.

Speaking of major leagues, in her interview for Vivid, Mindy mentioned that she was baseball player Roger Clemens’ lover (although he is not the guy on the video), and adds that although his wife was close to catching them in the act a couple of times, she never found out about Clemens’ infidelity. Until now.

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