Sarah Harding Ass Pictures

Sarah Harding bikini

Girls Aloud’s Sarah Harding is not exactly a celebrity yet, since most people haven’t even heard of her. But she’s on her way to becoming better known, and with an ass like that, you can bet your pants off she will!

This week Sarah Harding is in the Bahamas with her man and some friends, and she was photographed at her hotel beach dressed in a very unique silver colored bikini that comes with a handle in the middle (probably to pull Sarah towards you in a moment of passion). Photos shot of her back-end show that this swimsuit has some even better features, like automatically riding up her butt with every step she takes.

But don’t just take my word for it, check out these hot bikini photos of hard-bodied singer Sarah Harding at the beach. Lots of ass going on here… enjoy!

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