Ashley Dupre does Playboy

ashley dupre playboy

Remember Ashley Dupre, the call girl that banged New York Governor Eliot Spitzer? In case you don‘t, the story goes like this: former NY governor Spitzer hired Dupre for a good tussle in the sheets, and paid her somewhere around $5,000. A too-curious aide got suspicious about the “personal expenses” of the governor, looked into it a little closer and discovered that the Big Apple taxpayers were paying for good ol’ Eliot Spitzer to get laid the right way.

Long story short, Spitzer lost his job and Dupre got a lot of unwanted press coverage. And that’s not about to end. I’m not sure if Playboy qualifies as “press”, but they’re covering Ashley Dupre right this instant. Actually, it’s more the other way around: Ashley Dupre is on the cover of Playboy‘s May issue, and showing lots of skin inside its pages!

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