Abbie Cornish has a New Man

abbie cornish josh harnett

Abbie Cornish was spotted Saturday night hand in hand and mouth in mouth with no other than Josh Harnett. Sitting together, dancing and making out at Warren 77, a popularĀ  New York bar, the two seemed to have forgotten about their respective failed relationships. Hell, if I were Josh Harnett and had Abbie Cornish able and willing right in front of me, I’d sure wouldn’t give even a mercy thought to any other woman. Not even one as hot as Scarlett Johansson.

We all remember how Scarlett dumped Josh Harnett’s ass almost three years ago, to fall into her current husband’s arms. Ever since, Harnett has been testing a good number of Hollywood blondes, but apparently none has tickled his fancy. May be one as hot as Cornish will do the trick.

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