Lady Gaga Afraid of Evil Spirits

lady gaga sexy

We all love Lady Gaga, but sometimes we have to laugh at her eccentricities, and this time is one of those.

Prior to her performance at London’s O2 arena, Gaga asked her staff to contact a real life Ghost-busting firm from that city, in order to buy specialized equipment from them. The company owner said:

When I took the order for the kit I had no idea who it was for, but then I checked the listings and saw who was playing the O2. Her aide said the gear had to be robust as they were taking it on the road – so they must be doing this every where Lady GaGa is performing.

In other words, Lady Gaga has apparently ordered her staff to sweep every venue she will perform at, looking for evil spirits. To each it’s own!

AnnaLynne McCord Braless Photos

annalynne mccord cleavage

I can see now why AnnaLynne McCord is the famous one in the family. I never really thought she was anything special (except when she’s had a nipple slip), but now, comparing her to one of her sisters, I can see that she’s actually something to look at.

AnnaLynne McCord’s younger sister Rachel is a regular-looking chick, not ugly, not pretty, just meh. But when you stand her right next to her famous sibling, it’s clear why AnnaLynne was the one who made it in Hollywood.

Anyway, here are some photos of AnnaLynne McCord and Rachel McCord during an autograph-giving session this weekend. Both of them chose to go braless and for the life of me I can’t explain how this decision didn’t end up in a nipple slip. They must’ve used miles of double sided sticky tape!

Celine Dion is Pregnant

celine dion

Celine Dion is pregnant with twins. The talented singer announced today that after numerous unsuccessful in-vitro fertilizations, she finally got knocked up.

You may remember how about 12or 13 years ago, Celine Dion was desperate to be a mother, after her husband and manager René Angelil was diagnosed with cancer. She tried for about 3 years and finally got pregnant (her daughter is now 9 years old).  Ever since, she has been attempting to repeat her feat, but it wasn’t until now, at the age of 42, that she finally was successful.

Celine’s husband told People magazine this morning:

We’re ecstatic. Celine is just hoping for a healthy pregnancy. She was hoping for one baby and the news that we are having two is a double blessing!

Hayley Williams Topless

hayley williams topless

Up to this weekend I had never heard of Hayley Williams or the rock group Paramore, but thanks to Hayley’s topless photos, now I have.

Hayley Williams posted a topless photo of herself in her Twitter account, and just a few minutes later, she changed her mind and deleted it. But it was too late! Some of her fans had already saved her photo and shared it with the rest of us lucky mortals.

The best part about this story is that Hayley announced her Twitter account had been hacked and the hacker was who supposedly posted her photo. Ain’t that convenient? Someone with enough technical knowledge to be a hacker happens to have a never before published photo of Hayley Williams showing her tits, and this person posts it in her stream, instead of selling it to a celebrity blog or rag. Do you buy it? Not me!

Adriana Lima Nude

adriana lima naked

Here’s all time favorite Adriana Lima and her insanely hot body in the buff posing for… err… some lucky photographer. The truth is that I have no idea what these nude photos of Adriana Lima were shot for, but I’m certainly glad they were shot.

It’s only a shame that she is technically naked in these pictures but not really naked. She needs to move her arms, and change her angle, and may be spread her legs a little more… heck, she should marry me and call it a day!

Anyway, enjoy these photos of Adriana Lima naked and in lingerie. What better way to start the long weekend than by feasting your eyes with the hottest Brazilian super model ever?

Kendra Wilkinson’s Sex Tape is Finally Out!

kendra wilkinson sex tape

The Kendra Wilkinson Sex Tape is finally out and I just finished watching it. Dang, this is the best celebrity sex tape I’ve ever seen in my life! The sex was recorded from start to end, the lighting is great, they used a kick-ass camera, and not a single frame of the action was lost or blurry. What else could a man ask for?

Anyway, Kendra Wilkinson starts out by masturbating both standing up and laying down, spreading her pussy and even fingering herself. She then proceeds to suck cock better than any street corner hooker would, and finally she climbs on top of the boloni pony and goes to town on it. All the while, with her baton twirler boots on. Simply adorable!

Olsen Twins Back Together

olsen twins

Finally! The Olsen Twins are back together and this time they’re showing themselves around as a pair instead of one at a time. After many years of making sure to be seen as two separate people, Mary-Kate and Ashley have been hitting many red carpets as a duo recently, and just yesterday they were spotted leaving their New York apartment building together.

Still, they have their time apart like when Ashley and her boyfriend Justin Bartha stepped out to help honor Michael Douglas on Monday and Mary-Kate joined fellow soccer fans to attend the adiCup tournament on New York’s Pier 40 last weekend. The twins stay busy with their many design projects, but unfortunately we’ll have to wait to see MK’s next big screen project since Beastly no longer has a set release date.

Miranda Kerr Technically Topless

miranda kerr topless

Anytime Miranda Kerr does just about anything there’s a better than average chance you’ll find out about it here. So when I ran across these photos for Elle Magazine June 2010 issue, it was pretty much a no-brainer to share them with you.

The Aussie supermodel showed off her sexy body and even opened her top as she swapped in and out of a variety of outfits for the fashionable monthly mag. Supermodel Miranda Kerr does not love modeling for the money and fame – it’s for the chance to play different roles! The Australian stunner said in an Elle video:

It’s great to be able to be creative and to be fun and flirty and everyone has different sides to their personalities so it’s great to be able to tap in to that.

Heidi Montag Has No Friends

heidi montag tits

Heidi Montag has taken to Twitter to let fans know she is happier than ever even though she has no friends. “My last surgery was the BEST decision of my life! Anything else anyone says (family members who are trying to make money off of me) is a lie!” she tweeted. “I have never felt sexier, happier, or more amazing in my own skin. I truly look the way I have always dreamed, I love America and freedom!”

Think that was intense? Get ready, the Hills reality star continued: “P.S. I HAVE NO FRIENDS, the ones who are pretending to be ‘friends’ or ‘family’ are crazy, angry, broke, and bitter. This is why they haven’t been in my life for years! LIARS!” But despite their personal issues, Heidi wants her fans to know she’s doing better than ever. “I love me! And I love life!” she Twittered. “Every moment counts!”

Rihanna vs Personal Trainer

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After Rihanna was sued in March by her former personal trainer, Cindy Percival, under the claim that she owes her $27,000, it’s time for the singer to fight back. Rihanna has filed a countersuit in L.A. County Superior Court, claiming that Percival is not only full of crap, but in fact, she ran off with $26,244.63 of Rihanna’s cash. Rihanna claims, among other things, that she had fronted Cindy more than $24k for her services.

During her September and October break, Rihanna was working with Percival every day doing intense training for a pretty penny of $1,500 a day. The trainer is also asking for $2,644 for travel expenses that she incurred while traveling all over Europe keeping Rihanna in shape. I say Rihanna should give that girl the money she owes her… after all, she did a great job getting her in top notch shape, and that has a price!