Elisha Cuthbert Bikini Pictures

elisha cuthbert bikini

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything about Elisha Cuthbert, let alone bikini pictures, so these shots of the youthful star of the 24 series are more than welcome. It is nice to finally have some fresh material of her, and speaking of freshness, these photos were shot just yesterday in Cancun, Mexico, where Elisha is spending the week. So fresher, impossible.

For what I see in these pictures, lots of boy trouble (like when her hockey-player ex-boyfriend called her sloppy seconds a couple of years ago) and not landing any major roles in the recent past have taken their toll on Elisha Cuthbert’s figure. She’s put on quite a few pounds…. still looks good, though. A little extra weight never hurt any chick, as long as it’s not too much. Let’s just hope the “Girl Next Door” is capable to stop at her current weight and not keep on expanding.

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