Shauna Sand Knows how to Pick her Friends

shauna sand nipple slip

No, you’re not seeing double. There are actually four tits in these photos.

Just when you thought that Shauna Sand had the biggest pair of fake tits in Western California, she shows up at the beach accompanied by an even bustier blonde. It’s like a peroxide and silicon bonanza!

Shauna’s girlfriend, whose name is unknown and irrelevant at this point, even went as far as to give us a nipple slip. Obviously with tits that size, it’s hard to find a bikini that fits, so her assets were spilling out. It’s a shame that it wasn’t Shauna Sand the one with the nipple slip, since we haven’t seen those boobies since her sex tape was released several months ago. But nipples are nipples, so we’re not going to complain, are we?

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