Katherine Heigl Can’t Let Go

Katherine Heigl photos

Katherine Heigl, who is rapidly becoming one of Hollywood’s fastest raising star, was on the Letteran Show last night and she opened up about her feelings about the Grey’s Anatomy show (which she was let go of for being a total bitch and impossible to work with).

Although Heigl’s career has taken off since leaving the show, she still feels bittersweet about being “dumped” and admitted that to this day, she can’t watch the show, saying:

I can’t do it. I can’t. I stopped watching back in November when I went on family leave because I felt like I was missing the party. And I would call and be like, ‘Why is your character doing that?’

May be she needs to weight out what she lost and what she gained from not being on the show anymore, like the main role on a surprisingly good romantic comedy opposite Ashton Kutcher.

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