Hayley Williams Topless

hayley williams topless

Up to this weekend I had never heard of Hayley Williams or the rock group Paramore, but thanks to Hayley’s topless photos, now I have.

Hayley Williams posted a topless photo of herself in her Twitter account, and just a few minutes later, she changed her mind and deleted it. But it was too late! Some of her fans had already saved her photo and shared it with the rest of us lucky mortals.

The best part about this story is that Hayley announced her Twitter account had been hacked and the hacker was who supposedly posted her photo. Ain’t that convenient? Someone with enough technical knowledge to be a hacker happens to have a never before published photo of Hayley Williams showing her tits, and this person posts it in her stream, instead of selling it to a celebrity blog or rag. Do you buy it? Not me!

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