Lo Bosworth’s Perfection Secrets

low bosworth

Lo Bosworth, despite not being one of the main stars from The Hills (probably because her tits are not big enough to compete with Audrina’s or Heidi’s), is making a name for herself simply because of always looking so exquisitely made-up and perfectly dressed.

The beautiful actress claims that the reason she has been called “walking perfection”, is that practice makes perfect, and stresses:

From the beginning, we always did [our hair and makeup] ourselves. Every girl on the show is now a pro. We could probably start our own business [as makeup artists] and be very successful. A lot of that comes from working with professionals for red carpet events and photo shoots. As far as fitness, I love indoor cycling–it has made a really big difference. I feel a lot skinnier than I did last year. It’s kind of the ultimate cardio.

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