Danielle Staub and her Lesbian Lover

Danielle Staub

The Real Housewives of New Jersey star Danielle Staub was spotted partying again this weekend with her new “girlfriend,” singer Lori Michaels, in New York City. If you thought no one would stop so low as to pretend to be bisexual and exploit the gay community for publicity, then you haven’t met Danielle Staub. Bur who are we to judge anyway? I mean, as long as they do their job right and they show us some sexy woman to woman moves, we can certainly deal with it.

The two were hanging out all night, and posing for the paparazzi in their sexy little outfits. Danielle and Lori attended Damon Dash’s birthday party at Lucky Strike in the Big Apple. With as much as an attention whore as Danielle Staub is, it wouldn’t surprise me if these two were in the process of making a sex tape sometime soon. Gosh, I really hope my haunch is right!

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