Claudine Keane in Lingerie (almost)

Claudine Keane lingerie

Claudine Keane may not be very well known yet, but with a body and a pair of tits like those, she certainly has what it takes to knock any Victoria’s Secrets model off the spotlight.

Claudine is a lingerie model who recently became the new face of Ultimo and boy, does she look good in here new “work uniforms”… Sometimes seeing a super model in lingerie is even hotter than seeing them naked. It’s probably because it keeps you wondering what’s under those tiny panties and push up bras. In the case of Claudine Keane, she’s never been caught in the nude, so she indeed sparks our imaginations and in my case, my wildest and dirtiest fantasies.

Here’s Claudine posing with some extremely small outfits from Ultimo in her hands, yet dressed in regular street clothes. Now that’s torture!

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