Carrie Underwood Bikini Pictures

Carrie Underwood bikini

Carrie Underwood is a beautiful blonde country singing sensation who got her big debut by winning American Idol.  Since winning Idol, Carrie has continued to release album after album of hit songs, winning a ton of awards. But her music is not the only thing that this talented singer has going on for her. She’s got a killer body and the face of an angel, so no wonder she’s so rapidly becoming such a hot celebrity.

Carrie has most recently broken the hearts of millions of men, by getting married to Mike Fisher, the luckiest asshole in the world.  We are all a little jealous of Mike, he gets to stick his dick into that delicious blonde any time he wants.  Ah, the things I could do to that tight little body Carrie has. Sorry, I got a little distracted there, please enjoy these bikini pics of Carrie Underwood in Tahiti. Yes, they’re a little blurry, but still worth looking at!

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