Chuck Liddell’s Girlfriend has a Nice Ass

Chuck Liddell girlfriend

Although Chuck Liddell’s girlfriend is not exactly a celebrity, I thought you’d like to see her photos dressed in short shorts and doing squats. With an ass like that, and those tanned muscular legs, I bet it won’t take her long to become well known in Tinsel Town. But because of her always being accompanied by Chuck Liddell, I doubt a single agent or paparazzo will approach her, so her discovery may actually take a while. Not every body wants to be beat to a pulp in lieu of their work.

Chuck Liddell’s girlfriend (I have no idea what her name is) was working out with her sugar daddy yesterday morning in Venice Beach when these photos were snapped. As you can see, it pays to get up early and roam the streets of California; you can always count on seeing hot chicks in small outfits.

Halle Berry has a New Boyfriend

halle berry new boyfriend

Halle Berry doesn’t waste time beating around the bushes and moping over dumped super models. Just a few months after her break up with the father of her daughter, Berry is banging a nude dude: French actor Oliver Martinez, picture above while coming back from a trip to the grocery store with the beautiful black-American actress.

According to People Magazine, Halle Berry and Oliver Martinez were apart for a week, and their re-encounter was very emotional. He showed up with a bandaged arm, and her, to make him feel better, took him to French art gallery Marcelita L’Art et Le Thé in West Hollywood. After that, they went back to Halle’s place, where you can imagine what else they did.

Danielle Staub Sings for a Good Cause

danielle staub sexy pics

Former  Real Housewives of New Jersey star Danielle Staub is moving from acting to dancing, and this week she shot the music video for her new song “Cry”. From what we hear, the song is not bad, mostly for a first one ever, and Danielle Staub looks very sexy in the video, despite the non-sexy theme of it.

“Cry” revolves around the issue of domestic violence, and it was partially filmed at a women’s shelter. Regarding Staub’s first visit to the shelter, a source said:

[Danielle Staub] was so touched she even said she was going to send a box of things to the women at the shelter that they can all use.

What’s more, proceeds from the track will be donated to charity.

OctoMom Offered a Porn Industry Job

octomom porn

OctoMom Nadya Suleman was offered a job yesterday for $1,000 a day by a porn company. Exciting, uh? Not really. The job is a behind the scenes gig that does not include sex or nudity.

After she went on welfare a couple of weeks ago and announced she wasn’t able to pay her mortgage or clothe her kids, no other company has offered OctoMom a job, let alone one as generous as this one, so she better screws her head on the right way and accepts it.

The letter offering her the job was signed personally by Steve Hirsch, the owner of Vivid Entertainment, and it reads:

We are offering you an opportunity to work on an upcoming Vivid production as a member of our crew. The position would pay $1K per day.

Let me be clear, you will not have to perform sex and no nudity is required.

Amanda Michalka Upskirt

Amanda Michalka upskirt

Actress and singer Amanda Michalka accidentally showed her panties yesterday in her first ever recorded upskirt incident. Hopefully it’ll be the first of many, because this bright eyed beautiful chick has lots to show to the world.

The funny thing about Amanda Michalka’s upskirt is that while we’re always trying to figure out what type or brand of panties most celebrities wear, she didn’t leave any room for question. Amanda obviously prefers Victoria’s Secrets panties, and I dare say that these sexy panties that looked so great on Adriana Lima last year, probably look even better wrapped around Amanda Michalka’s pussy and ass!

Rosario Dawson’s Legs go all the way there

rosario dawson gq

Rosario Dawson is looking hot and leggy (as well as busty) in this brand new pictorial that was just released by GQ Germany. This babe has legs to die for, but her best asset is definitely her tits.

And while we’re on the Rosario Dawson’s tits topic, let me remind you of that very famous scene in the movie Alexandre, where she played the great conqueror’s wife and showed her massive melons in their sex encounter. Man, those things were bouncing up and down all over the place and I swear I’ve never seen better celebrity tits in my entire career as a celeb blog writer or even before!

Kelly Brook, Sexy for FHM

kelly brook fhm

It was about time Kelly Brook posed for one of the sexy magazines and regaled us with some great photos of her killer body. So it was FHM Spain who brought us the sexy British model and actress, who happened to be dressed in the sexiest swim suits paired with high heels and jewelry… nothing like what you see in a real beach, but aren’t we all tired to reality?

Speaking of reality: the lions that you see in these photos posing with Kelly Brook are one hundred percent real! This pictorial was shot in Africa, at a hacienda guarded by three lions, and the whole time Kelly Brook was concerned about their presence, thinking they’d take a bite at any given moment. Well… could you blame the poor beasts if they had actually bitten her?

Lisa Rinna gets a Reduction

lisa rina lips

It must be reduction year in Hollywood, because just days after Heidi Montag announced her intentions to get her boobs reduced, now Lisa Rinna has gotten a decrease as well.

But Lisa Rinna did not get a boob reduction (thank goodness!), but a lip one. The model, actress and writer was on The Morning Show today and explained her decision by simply saying:

I did it because I no longer wanted my lip to define me.

Like that’s even possible! Lisa Rinna will always be “lip lady”, and no matter how small she makes them, that is not about to change.

Kristin Bell Naked

kristin bell naked

Kristin Bell has no problem getting naked, and this time she’s done it for a great cause: cancer prevention. Here is a screen cap from the video that brings us Kristin Bell naked, shot for the Stand Up To Cancer campaign and that is about to be aired in all major United States TV channels.

In the video Kristin Bell is completely nude and shaving her legs in the bath tub. Does this mean bathing or shaving can give us cancer? May be it’s time we all stop bathing. It’ll be a world filled with smelly but cancer free people. Yikes!

Jessica Alba Hot GQ Video

jessica alba gq

My new favorite celebrity MILF Jessica Alba (she was always my favorite, but just recently became a MILF) is looking scrumptious in the new GQ UK video. For a while after giving birth Jess started going down the dumpy road but at some point she must’ve straightened her path, because these last photos of Jessica Alba show she’s hotter than ever and ready to drive us all nuts with her long tan legs and perky cleavage.

We hadn’t seen anything as hot from Jessica Alba in the last two years; exactly since her Campari ad. Remember those photos? Jessica Alba in a bikini, by the pool, sipping Campari and showing lots of skin. Well… these GQ photos and video are shoulder to shoulder with those, and I’d dare say they’re even more revealing. Definitely a great come back!