Chuck Liddell’s Girlfriend has a Nice Ass

Chuck Liddell girlfriend

Although Chuck Liddell’s girlfriend is not exactly a celebrity, I thought you’d like to see her photos dressed in short shorts and doing squats. With an ass like that, and those tanned muscular legs, I bet it won’t take her long to become well known in Tinsel Town. But because of her always being accompanied by Chuck Liddell, I doubt a single agent or paparazzo will approach her, so her discovery may actually take a while. Not every body wants to be beat to a pulp in lieu of their work.

Chuck Liddell’s girlfriend (I have no idea what her name is) was working out with her sugar daddy yesterday morning in Venice Beach when these photos were snapped. As you can see, it pays to get up early and roam the streets of California; you can always count on seeing hot chicks in small outfits.

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