Tiger Woods’ Former Lover Cristina Del Basso Naked

Cristina Del Basso topless

I hadn’t pegged Tiger Woods for a classy babe banger, since so far the chicks that surfaced from his extra marital affairs scandal have been pretty trashy. But this Cristina Del Basso is definitely top notch pussy, the cream of the crop of all lovers on this planet.

Apparently Cristina Del Basso was one of Tiger Woods’ lovers, but this dude must be out of his mind not to pursue a longer relationship with her. This is the kind of chick that once  you get your claws on her, you don’t let her go for anything in the world, let alone trading her for a cheapy porn star like the ones he fucked by the dozen.

Madonna’s Cleavage Still Looks Good

madonna cleavage

Madonna may be well into her fifties but she still has what it takes to turn your weiner into a steel rod. Those titties still look pretty smooth and perky; not at all what you would expect from a woman her age. Which leads us to the conclusion that obsessively doing yoga actually works. May be I should sign up for a yoga class. Preferably one in New York City; who knows, I may run into Madonna while at it!

Anyway, here is the queen of pop dressed in lingerie and showing her not too shabby cleavage for Dolce & Gabbana. I’m not sure how this is supposed to convince women to buy D&G clothing, but it sure as hell will make guys run to their stores. Good job, Dolce!